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  • What is the Communications Department?

    The Communications Department is tasked with facilitating and overseeing communication channels between Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS, and the residents of San Andreas. We manage the flow of information to and from ground services to ensure swift and professional responses that aid the public, uphold law and order, and save lives. Our primary avenue for receiving public input is through 911 calls, which constitute a significant portion of our daily operations. Using an advanced computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) and telecommunications technology, our Operators dispatch and coordinate emergency personnel to respond effectively to service calls. In essence, Communications serves as the crucial link that connects and guides various emergency response agencies in serving the broader public.

    Our Objective & Values

    The Communications Department is committed to delivering high-quality dispatching services to the State of San Andreas. Our focus is on providing accurate, efficient, and professional assistance to the citizens of San Andreas through the handling of both 911 and non-emergency calls, adhering to stringent standards. We ensure the dispatch of the necessary emergency services promptly. Additionally, we collaborate closely with our colleagues in Law Enforcement and Firefighting to support the public in maintaining law, order, and safety for all.

  • Chain of Command



    Dispatch Director
    Dispatch Deputy Director
    Director of Operations

    Senior Staff
    Dispatch Manager

    Dispatch Supervisor

    Staff in Training
    Senior Operator

    Operator II
    Operator I
    Probationary Operator

    Auxiliary Dispatcher

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