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  • About Us

    South Mountain Fire Rescue (SMFR) is committed to helping the community it serves. With 10 stations in the south mountain area, South Mountain provides emergency and prevention services to thousands who come into our communities to work and live. Specifically, South Mountain Fire Rescue serves the cities of Los Santos, Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, Grapeseed, Rockford Hills, Davis, Del Perro, Vinewood. South Mountain also responds to incidents in its municipalities including Los Santos International Airport, Sandy Shores Regional Airport, the University of Southern Los Santos as unincorporated portions of Los Santos, Blaine and Roxwood counties.

    Our Mission

    South Mountain Fire Rescue is a world-class organization that serves the public by protecting lives and property through our dedication to training, prevention, mitigation, and response.

  • South Mountain Fire Rescue Divisions & Specializations

    The South Mountain Fire Rescue has a number of highly specialized subdivisions that work and train tirelessly to serve the citizens of San Andreas. From working technical rescues, arson investigations, or wildland firefighting, we have roles to fit every firefighter's interests.

  • The Office of the Fire Marshal

    The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for protecting lives and property through the enforcement of various laws related to fire safety and fire investigation.  This includes oversight of construction projects for compliance with locally adopted fire codes, verification of ongoing fire code compliance in existing buildings, and investigation to determine the origin and cause of fires in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.  We also manage SMFR’s pre-fire planning activity, publishing pre-plans so our firefighters have the information they need to safely respond to emergencies that occur in buildings and facilities across our district.

  • Our Certifications

    At South Mountain Fire Rescue we offer several certifications to choose from:

    Fire Rescue - Operations

    Emergency Medical Services

    Technical Rescue

    Dive Rescue



    Join the San Andreas' Bravest Today!

    Apply to be a Firefighter Here.

  • Head Administration

    Fire Commissioner: Ren B. 1A-3


    Fire Chief: Vacant

    Deputy Fire Chief: Vacant

    District Chief: Vacant

    Fire Battalion Chief: Vacant

    Fire Battalion Chief: Vacant

    EMS Battalion Chief: Vacant

    Senior Staff

    Fire Captain

    EMS Captain


    Fire Lieutenant

    EMS Lieutenant


    Staff in Training

    Senior Firefighter



    Firefighter II

    Firefighter I

    Probationary Firefighter


    Fire Candidate

    Volunteer Ranks

    Volunteer Fire Chief

    Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief

    Volunteer Senior Firefighter

    Volunteer Firefighter

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